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Two special presentation shirts worthy of a mention are these splendid examples made for the late George Best and the living legend, Pele.

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In 2006 we were honoured to be invited by George's family to work with them to produce a memory of his glorious career for both club and country

The Limited Edition Shirts

Ten years on we released the collection in conjunction with Northern Irelands fantastic and deserved achievement of reaching the finals of the Euros 2016

The first shirt is a one off classic with two of his most memorable moments for club and country

7th February 1970

Northampton town v Manchester united

George breaks a record by scoring six times in one match in a 8-2 win in the fa cup 5th rd tie, this is the programme from this game

15th May 1971

Northern ireland v England Windsor Park

Still one of the highlights and most talked about moments in football as England's finest Gordon Banks tossed the ball up in the air George nipped the ball away and then headed it into the goal

This piece is unique as it is the only one produced and features programmes from the games

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In 2007 at the Big Football Sale celebrating 100 years of the PFA, World Cup Legend, Pele attended and a shirt was produced in honour of his outstanding contribution the game of football.

Featuring the club badges of New York Cosmos and the Vancouver Whitecaps together with the embroidered signatures of both Pele and Gordon Taylor, it celebrates the New York Cosmos' team which featiured Pele, Johan Cruyff, George Best and Franz Beckenbauer and many more play. Such players may have been over their prime but they did show some of their amazing skills.

Games between the Caps and the Cosmos were always entertaining and often played with an edge. The only year the Caps won the Soccer Bowl was in 1979 and they had to beat the Cosmos in a two game semi-final to make it to the finals.