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The PFA Unique Collection

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The following represents a unique buying opportunity to accquire a collection of football shirts specially commissioned by the Professional Footballers' Association in celebration of their centenary year in 2007.

The collection comprises 34 shirts each representing the PFA Footballer of the Year from the prestigious award's inception in 1974 to the most recent presentation in 2007.

Only four sets of PFA Centenary Collection shirts have been made, or will ever be made. The Professional Footballers' Association own the first set. The second set was sold at an auction held at the PFA Centenary banquet in Manchester, with the proceeds contributing towards the PFA's charitable causes. Shirts from the third set were presented by the PFA to the respective Footballer of the Year.

Each shirt made in halved colours of the respective player's club and country, wire woven gold and silver official Club badges matched with the official badge of their Country, each shirt has the Player signature digitised and embroidered on the shirt between the badges, the shirts are mounted on gold board within an archival quality sealed frame above a printed player profile personally signed by the Footballer of the Year, two photographs one portraying the player in match action, the other a portrait of the footballer receiving the PFA trophy.

To complete the framed shirts the logos of the PFA Centenary year and 4 Club & Country Ltd are included, each shirt has a separate certificate of authenticity signed by Mr Gordon Taylor, CEO of the Professional Footballers' Association and the manufacturers, 4 Club & Country Limited.

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Norman Hunter (right), formerly of Leeds United and England and the first ever PFA Footballer of the Year with his shirt which he auctioned for The Myasthenia Gravis Association, a charity which is very close to Norman Hunter's heart - It raised £12,500 in 8 days

Norman was the first ever player to be crowned the "Professional Footballers' Association (PFA) Players' Player of the Year" for the 1973/74 season, and during his career he made 679 League appearances and played 28 times for England including being a member of the 1966 World Cup winning squad.

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Pat Jennings with his shirt and Gordon Taylor at the "Big Football Sale" event at Harrods in London 2007

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The fourth and remaining set is now being offered for the public

This is the first time that the following has been brought together in one unique collection: official Club badge, official Country badge, player profile with players own signature, official PFA badge and authentication from Gordon Taylor, CEO of the PFA

The PFA's complete set of these shirts was auctioned at the at the glamorous 2008 PFA annual awards dinner in Manchester to raise money for the Manchester Children's Hospital. The property tycoons Patric and James Cassidy have outbid the ex-England boss Sven Goran Eriksson for the most desirable collection of sports memorabilia in the world - 34 shirts signed by many of the greatest names ever to grace English football. The shirts - one for each of the 34 winners of the Players' Player of the Year Award - attracted hundreds of bids from wealthy collectors at a charity auction in Manchester. The brothers, who made their fortune in building and property development, bagged the shirts for a whopping £50,000, but only after beating off fierce competition from Sven. See more here